Discovery Passage's many world class dive sites have been luring divers here since the early '80s when commercial divers would show visiting recreational divers the water's secrets. Since then, numerous articles in dive magazines and good old word of mouth has turned Campbell River and neighbouring Quadra Island into true diving destinations.

What's the secret?

Strong tidal currents. They provide food for the abundant, unique marine life that simply can't survive anywhere else. Vsibility in this high-current eco-system rarely drops below 30 feet due to constant upwellings of clear water. Summertime plankton blooms only occur in the top 30-40 feet and are quickly diluted by these upwellings. This 30 foot-plus visibility is excellent for British Columbia in the summer, and in spring, fall, and winter the water is beautifully clear. Combine this with protected inside waters, mild weather, and you have the perfect spot for a British Columbia diving adventure.